4 Port USB Hub

4 Port USB Hub
Need a few extra USB ports for your Mac? Our 4 port USB hub can help. At only $14.95 and with free shipping it is a steal!

7 Port USB Hub

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Get access to the usb ports you need with the extreme 7 port powered usb hub. Hub is MAC and Windows compatible.

Hub USB is practical for todays’ electronic devices, and makes ports conveniently accessible. They are also very surprisingly affordable at a price range between $14.00 and $62.00. This device makes it possible to turn a single port into 4 to 7 ports. This allows for more devices to be connected to the host system.

A Hub for USB can extend your network to up to 127 individual ports. Most ports that are already on your desktop are located at the back of the computer. With a USB Hub, one can connect to the port in the back of the computer, and extend up to 7 ports to the front or side of the computer. This will allow for the attaching of peripheral devices like printers, faxes, and scanners to be supported by the same network.

There are primarily two types of hubs. There is the self-powered hub that derives its power from a wall outlet. These will usually provide up to 500 milliamps at each port. Then there is the bus-powered hubs. These plug in to the computers’ USB bus and obtain all their power from the bus. These ports have to split the total 500 milliamps among the ports.

The self powered hub can connect to digital cameras, card readers, keyboards, mice, MP3′s, and memory sticks. The major consideration in the purchase of a Hub USB, is whether it is 1.1 or 2.0 compatible. The 1.1 compatible are capable of transferring data at speeds up to 12 megabits per second.

The 2.0 compatible have the ability to transfer data at speeds up to 480 megabits per second. The 2.0 is also backwards compatible. This means that they have the ability to read and translate the 1.1. While they can read and transmit 1.1 data, they cannot make their speeds any faster. The 1.1 has the 12 megabit capability, and with the 2.0 it retains that 12 megabit capacity.

Hub USB’s typically come in 4 and 7 port abilities. They all perform pretty much the same task. It just depends on how many external devices one needs to hook up.

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